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Minister Firth backed against wall by top Clerics: ecclesiastical force majeure

On September 21st, ICCOREIS and ACL hosted a lobbying event at the NSW DET and gave Education Minister Verity Firth a talking to. Firth who is under threat from the Greens in her Balmain seat, must weigh this issue tactically, since … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Dr. Michael Carr-Gregg

Today, State Religion VIC is going to ask readers to do something “in their scope of influence” – and join us asking Dr. Michael Carr-Gregg to advocate secular education when he speaks at the upcoming ACCESS MINISTRY Chaplaincy dinner.   … Continue reading

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Not even locust plagues are attributed to God’s wrath these days

More evidence that ancient texts don't really have all the answers. Scientists ponder various responses, do not advocate prayer as means of control.

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Psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg to Affirm ParaChruch Ministry

Despite the concerns raised by The Australian Psychological Society, ACCESS Ministry has spun straw into gold, and turned the concerns of the nation’s leading mental health practitioners into endorsement. The fact is that because there seems to be no social commitment to … Continue reading

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Grandma: the sweater you knitted me is ugly and your last days on earth will be agonizing

Is Peter Jensen the most incompetent man in Christendom? The Pope is definitely giving him a chase, but yesterday he weighed in on euthanasia  Here’s the article in the AGE: Sydney Archbishop Peter Jensen said he was immensely sympathetic to the motives … Continue reading

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Where are the Graphic Designers in Secular Australia?

One of our fascinations here at State Religion VIC is the symbols that the ParaChurch and Christian Right political movement uses. We deconstructed the meaning of the “bishops hat” logo here, and today we look briefly at the “Save our Scripture” Logo. We … Continue reading

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Not content to fret Ethics, Sydney Anglicans worry about Yoga

When the Anglican Church in Sydney isn’t busy pursuing the campaign to prevent ethics in NSW primary schools, it has time for weightier matters. This week its PR department is alerting Christians to the inherent spiritual dangers of Yoga. Seriously. … Continue reading

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