Access Ministry: Toughest time in history to be a kid, more shameless self promotion.

What I want to know is when the Department of Education is going to put a stop to campaign of terror that ACCESS MINISTRY is waging against Victoria’s Schools and Victoria’s Children with its constant stream of propaganda in service of ITSELF.

ACCESS MINISTRY is the state approved vehicle for Christian Religion in State Schools, originally founded to remove the principle of secularism from Victoria’s education system it today has found fertile fields convincing the state that it has some special insight into how to help children in crisis and can provide a service to help the suffering children are experiencing in its overwhelmed and dire hell holes called “state schools”.

Chaplains, unlike teachers, guidance counselors and other mere employees do amazing things which ACCESS claims are worth your charity … somehow, chaplains work all the time, they care about kids, they simply see things others can’t and they have that special something that comes from being a committed Christian.  They will feed the kids in the morning, keeping a watchful eye out for signs of suicide, then they will deal with family breakdown, facebook bullies, and coach the basketball team.  Who else could do all these things?  Definitely not “state employees” … those people are “uncommitted”.

If I was a teacher, administrator or politician, I’d be beside myself with this propaganda.  Not only is it insulting to the professionals who bothered to get a degree and who show up every day and work in vital capacity, to claim that chaplains somehow can do things they can’t (at a price they won’t) … it is simply a dishonest scare campaign.

ACCESS is quite happy to use “fantasy” scenes to paint the most dire feeling, which tells you something about them.  This time they’ve decided to go with the “it’s tougher to be a kid today than any time in history”.

 One wonders, have these people even a passing knowledge of history?  Who in their right mind could look down upon modern Australia and say, yup, this is the “worst time ever to be a child” … how will the children ever survive smartphones and the internet?  One suspects that the person who thought up this little appeal was not a student of Dickens.  For the record, BEFORE we had “Secular, Compulsory and Free” public education you could enjoy childhood like this which by the way was COMPLETELY compatible with “Judeo Christian Values” … apparently there is no commandment to “send your kids to school”. 

This is the kind of sentimental nostalgia for a non existent past that marks the religious right.  “If we could only go back to the good old days” things would be better.

I’ve pasted the whole appeal below, but I’d like to point out a few key passages that demonstrate this group’s hostility to the idea of secular schools … and the professionals that run them.

It could be Josh, wrestling with spiritual questions because he has been savagely mocked for his awakening faith in God.

This line shows the writers basic bias toward secular society as a place inherently unwelcoming to religion and the kind of “lord of the flies” view of pagan children who might be “awakened” by the labors of the Chaplaincy … if only the other savage children don’t beat them for looking heavenward all the time.

Teachers however are a source of specific rebuke by ACCESS: 

Teachers too rely on their chaplain. Grace stops by, distraught because her friend is dying in hospital. It took her a long time to accept the chaplain, but even the most cynical non-Christian needs a shoulder when tragedy strikes.

ACCESS knows that the teachers unions are hostile to the concept of Chaplaincy, and this little dig shows it.  Chaplains are hired on confessional faith terms, whereas one of the core commitments of the secular schools are to hold jobs open to all regardless of their faith.  Teachers in ACCESS Ministry’s eyes are more often than not, “cynical non-Christians” … who of course when hit by life’s inevitable tragedies … need a non cynical Christian shoulder to cry on.

Sadly though as this little propaganda piece demonstrates, there are no “non cynical” Christians at ACCESS Ministry … this cynical propaganda is proof of that

Read the whole thing below the jump … if you feel an urge to cry, leave a comment on my shoulder … here is the link to the ACCESS site where you can leave a donation.

A day in the life of a chaplain


Our young ones need help
more than any time in history

Spend a day in the life

of an ACCESS ministries chaplain

you can change lives forever


It is a day that starts early, because many chaplains run a breakfast club. In a school community of 500 or more students, it is the chaplain who carefully watches for the hidden signs of a child in crisis.

It could be Josh, wrestling with spiritual questions because he has been savagely mocked for his awakening faith in God. There is Lachland, who can’t make friends. The chaplain knows just who to ask to get alongside this lonely boy.

Emily enjoys her chaplain as the one adult she can be friends with, playing handball together, or feeling safe to talk about deeper things because she knows it’s confidential.

The school day has barely begun when the chaplain is called because Ryan is acting up. Talking outside, it’s soon clear that behind his bitter words this boy feels his world is at an end. Perhaps his mum or dad has left. Maybe Ryan is kicking out at the paralysing terror of bullying. The chaplain may just listen or connect Ryan to the crisis services he needs.

Through the day other children come looking for their chaplain. Sarah is upset by vicious gossip on Facebook. Kevin’s feeling the pressure of his family’s money worries. Caitlin received a shocking text message. There are so many ways young hearts are breaking.

Teachers too rely on their chaplain. Grace stops by, distraught because her friend is dying in hospital. It took her a long time to accept the chaplain, but even the most cynical non-Christian needs a shoulder when tragedy strikes.

As well as personal support, the chaplain has several groups to run today. Some are uplifting, like the teens planning a charity event. Other groups are harder, like support sessions for strung-out parents.

If there is any way to help build a healthy community, the chaplain will be there – at BBQs, sausage sizzles, camps and festivals. Today it means coaching the basketball team straight after school.

Around 5pm the chaplain visits a local motor garage for petrol surprised to be served by Liam. Two years ago at school Liam was the worst-behaved teen in town. Today he is doing well as an apprentice mechanic, but he often thinks how his life might have been without his chaplain – he could easily have ended up in jail.

How crucial to the whole community this chaplain is, helping troubled young people make the transition to adult responsibility.

You can see how much this chaplain is needed, by families of young ones who are facing the hardest time in history.

In turn a chaplain needs your support and generosity.

Please donate today.

This is the hardest time in history to be young, but after a day in the life of an ACCESS ministrieschaplain you can take heart. The gift you send today will be changing lives forever.


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2 Responses to Access Ministry: Toughest time in history to be a kid, more shameless self promotion.

  1. Bane Hall says:

    This is a perfect example of the stupidity, closemindedness and lack of respect that marks modern organised religion. As if somehow people can’t deal with life’s challeges without someone to give them an imaginary friend. This article makes me angry beyond words because it demostrates the exact reason religion should not be allowed near children. Religon forces its way into our lives when we feel the most vunerable or depressed. It plays on our fears and robs us of our free will. I think the teachers union is completely right here, the is no place for chaplains in secular schools. To those young students upon whom this will impact, if you feel that your school is being taken over, that opinions are being forced on you, that the very foundations of our secular society are under attack. Then speak out. You are never too young to halt the march of ignorance and fear. It is never wrong, racist or intolerant to fight the misinformation of scared old men. Freedom, liberty and justice are secularism. Stand up and fight the darkness.

  2. blamer says:

    The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Show me the money! Show! Me! The Money!Our gov”ts are being swindled by fear-mongering and spin. Perhaps they’ve desensitised themselves to the smell of baloney.We need a positive campaign to frame secular goals as desirable outcomes.

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