ACL reaches into intimidate the schools: Gay Pride not OK

I keep tabs on the ACL because it believes that the government should be run according to its values and it uses a religious justification for its values.  I don’t normally post on topics of sexual orientation, but since this one is about how religious groups propose to influence the state schools it fits with our topic:  religion in schools.

The ACL today attacked a program to keep schools safe and an initiative that members of the Rainbow Network, Safe Schools Coalition Victoria took to invite schools to march with them (and subversives like the Victoria Police see here for the lurid display of men wearing dresses).

The ACL seems to want us to believe that they don’t want kids beaten up for being gay, but they don’t want any gay people being celebrated either.  Especially masses of them marching in public places where the police are marching too.  

There are however people with the moral courage to advocate for gay kids … and it should be with some gratitude that we look on the work of people like Roz Ward, who organizes efforts to help schools keep kids safe.  Because the ACL can’t seem to say it, I will.

God Bless Roz Ward


Now it turns out that the ACL has its own Ward, Rob Ward.  Rob Ward is in charge of countering Roz Ward’s work to protect gay kids, in fact, if there is an issue where someone is speaking out against gay people in Victoria having fair go, you can bet that Rob Ward is close at hand.  
So on one hand we have Roz Ward, helping kids, especially kids struggling to find a place in the world, and we have Rob Ward wanting to shove everyone back in the closet so he can keep a world where being gay is treated like a disorder and people look to ancient jewish sanitary codes to decide whether or not to disown and demean their children.

This is Rob Ward’s latest contribution to his effort:


Schools should not be used to recruit kids to ‘gay pride’ march


The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) today responded to a call by the Safe Schools Coalition Victoria (SSCV) for schools to bring children along to a gay pride event.

“All schools should be safe schools, but using Government funding to persuade children to attend a ‘gay pride’ march is not how our tax dollars should be spent,” according to ACL’s Victorian Director Rob Ward.

 “Teachers taking students along to this kind of event is outside the purposes for which schools exist.  Educating students should be the priority not promoting alternative lifestyles.

“There is no place for bullying in our schools, whatever the motivation, however this call by SSCV demonstrates how one group can push an ideological agenda using government funding.”

Mr Ward said so called ‘gay pride’ marches were no place for young children as they were often sexually explicit and contained content inappropriate for children. 

Mr Ward also questioned the use of a LaTrobe University letterhead to write to schools seeking to recruit children to the march.

“We call upon the new Baillieu government to rein in funding for groups like SSCV and instead promote programs that address bullying in a wider context, teaching respect and understanding across the whole school system.”


Of course the ACL doesn’t want to own any of the damage that it causes by promoting values which maintain that it is wrong to be gay.  Let’s be clear though that the damage is real, and the ACL should offend Christians so much that they stand up for Roz, find ways to promote her work, and tell Rob to get lost.

The subtext of Rob Ward’s call to eliminate Roz is that gays are bad, but what he says is that “the content of the Pride March is not for kids because it is sexually explicit”.  This is a bit like saying Torquay is not for kids because it is sexually explicit.  Yes Rob, there is sex in the world.  Even you arrived here though a disgusting thing called “sex” … shudder.

The ACL is a fear monger.  You can see the inappropriateness here:

and here:

Make sure to note the long lines of uniformed police officers marching IN THE PARADE … gosh they look happy.  Its hard to tell who is gay and who isn’t.  Looking at these photos really lays bare the hatred and mean spirited nature of the ACL … here is a family event, attended by public servants and community leaders and because it is “unapologetic” in its defense of the equality and esteem which our society shows gay citizens, the ACL makes demands that our Government condemn it. 

Yes Rob Ward, schools should be “used” to promote the interests of our citizens and community members, and there is nothing wrong whatsoever with a group like this inviting people to join them in St. Kilda to celebrate this.  Yes it is OK for them to use the letterhead of LaTrobe, and it is OK for them to invite “children” though their network of people who are striving to counter the fear and recrimination that the ACL is advocating though press releases like this.  It is especially fitting that as part of the schools focus on creating a safe environment.  

Hopefully Ted Baillieu will see this for what it is, a case of religiously motivated bigotry, that when viewed in relation to the issue of gay teen suicides … will be received for the hateful bashing that it really is.  



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